"Unlocking Investment for Sustainable Development"

AFS Capital: Advancing African economic development through tailored financial advisory and capacity building across diverse sectors. Committed to sustainability, fostering growth, innovation, and resilience. Key player in promoting financial excellence and positive change in Africa.

About Us

"Bridging the Financial Advising Gap"

AFS Capital is a strategic partner and financial advisory firm focused on facilitating access to finance and capacity-building services for sustainable economic development in Africa. We prioritize high ethical values and partnerships with like-minded entities to uphold integrity, protect client reputation, and foster trust in Africa's economy.

Sectors of Intervention

Infrastructure: Energy, transport and Communication

AFS Capital plays a pivotal role in bolstering the infrastructure of the continent by focusing on key sectors such as energy, transport, and communication. In the energy sector, AFS Capital facilitates financial solutions for projects ranging from renewable energy initiatives to traditional power generation, contributing to the development of a robust and sustainable energy landscape across Africa.

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Climate mitigation & adaptation finance

In alignment with its commitment to sustainability, AFS Capital takes a proactive stance in addressing the pressing challenges of climate change through its Climate Mitigation & Adaptation Finance services. AFS channels financial resources into projects and initiatives that actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote renewable energy adoption, and enhance climate resilience .

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Sustainable Industrial Development

AFS Capital extends its financial expertise to the realm of sustainable industrial development, recognizing the pivotal role that industrialization plays in driving economic growth and job creation across the continent. AFS supports heavy manufacturing projects, which encompass sectors such as automotive, steel, and machinery production.

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AFS Capital plays a crucial role in advancing agricultural development across the continent through its comprehensive suite of tailored financial advisory and capacity-building solutions for the agriculture sector. Recognizing the significance of agriculture in promoting food security and economic prosperity, AFS supports agribusinesses and agricultural enterprises with access to capital and financial tools.

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AFS Capital recognizes the pivotal role of the hospitality industry in fostering tourism, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to economic growth. AFS is dedicated to supporting the hospitality sector by providing tailored financial advisory and capacity building solutions to hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other related businesses.

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Medical Services

AFS Capital is committed to advancing healthcare accessibility and quality through its dedicated focus on Medical Services. Recognizing the critical importance of a robust healthcare system, AFS extends financial advice to medical facilities, clinics, and healthcare practitioners across the continent. AFS facilitates investments in medical infrastructure, including the construction and expansion of hospitals, clinics,

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Sustainable Mining

In the realm of sustainable mining, AFS Capital plays a vital role in supporting the mining industry while also emphasizing the importance of the minimization of negative environmental, economic, and social impacts of mining activities and the limitation of extraction rates that will not compromise the potential needs of future generations. AFS Capital provides financing solutions to mining companies engaged in the extraction and processing of natural resources, including minerals and metals.

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AFS Capital is committed to addressing the critical need for adequate education infrastructure worldwide. Recognizing that access to quality education is hindered by insufficient facilities, we prioritize the construction and enhancement of educational infrastructure as a cornerstone of our services.

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