"Fostering broader access to finance through innovative advisory solutions, capacity building and implementation of effective risk management strategies."
  • AFS is committed to operating in a sustainable and ethical manner, whilst simultaneously addressing the needs of its clients and society. 

  • AFS prioritizes environmental, social and ethical concerns within its operational and decision-making processes. 

  • Below are the fundamentals we look for when engaging in projects and transactions:

 1. Environmental: Environmental responsibility is a vital pillar of our CSR strategy, and entails minimizing the negative impact the projects financed by clients may have on the environment via the provision of advise on the best sustainable practices to adopt. AFS focuses on providing an avenue for  projects to  reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

 2. Social: Social responsibility is the second pillar of our CSR strategy and involves placing a key focus upon the wellbeing of our employees, communities, and society.   Diversity, equity and inclusion is a key consideration in our operations.

3. Ethical: Ethical responsibility is the third pillar of our CSR, and it revolves around ensuring that all  our business activities/transactions are ethical and transparent. We express of ethical responsibility through channeling  our efforts towards CSR practices that guarantee that we adhere to laws and regulations, promote honesty and integrity  in our business practices.