"Fostering broader access to finance through innovative advisory solutions, capacity building and implementation of effective risk management strategies."


- Africa Financial Services (AFS) specializes in Export Credit Agency (ECA) Finance, offering tailored solutions to facilitate international trade and drive economic growth.

- Their ECA Finance services assist businesses engaged in export activities by leveraging support from export credit agencies, governmental entities providing financing, guarantees, and insurance.

- AFS collaborates closely with exporters and overseas buyers to structure financing arrangements that mitigate risks associated with cross-border transactions, ensuring smoother and more secure trade operations.

- With a deep understanding of global commerce complexities, AFS navigates ECA programs to secure favorable financing terms for clients, supporting exports of goods, services, and large-scale projects across various industries.

- By tapping into the resources and support of export credit agencies, Africa Financial Services empowers exporters, enhances their competitiveness in the international market, and fosters increased trade relationships between Africa and the rest of the world.