"Fostering broader access to finance through innovative advisory solutions, capacity building and implementation of effective risk management strategies."


- AFS Capital is a leading provider of financial services to structure project finance solutions to mobilize long-term capital for greenfield and brownfield projects cutting across a broad range of sectors across the African continent.

- Our services focus on addressing the unique funding challenges associated with large-scale infrastructure, industrial, medical and real estate development projects and initiatives, collaborating closely with project developers, sponsors, and investors.

- AFS's seasoned team of financial experts works diligently to navigate regulatory frameworks, assess project feasibility, and mobilize necessary funding, leveraging their deep understanding of project development and project finance intricacies in Africa.

- We specialize in creating tailored financing packages combining debt, equity, and mezzanine financing to unlock the full potential of ventures.

- Committed to driving economic growth and sustainable development across the continent, we aim to play a pivotal role through strategic and reliable partnerships with private and public stakeholders.