"Fostering broader access to finance through innovative advisory solutions, capacity building and implementation of effective risk management strategies."

- AFS Capital specializes in providing comprehensive structured trade finance solutions, supporting public and private entities to foster intra-African Trade and trade between Africa and the rest of the World.

- Our services facilitate and optimize cross-border transactions, mitigating risks and enhancing financial efficiency for clients engaged in import and export activities.

- We offer services to structure innovative financial instruments such as letters of credit, trade credit insurance, and documentary collections, tailored to meet specific client needs.

- With a deep understanding of regional and international challenges and opportunities, AFS Capital collaborates closely with clients to structure financing solutions aligned with their strategic objectives.

- Whether financing raw material purchases, managing currency risks, or streamlining the supply chain, AFS Capital's services empower entities to seize new market opportunities and expand their global footprint.

- Committed to fostering economic growth and facilitating seamless trade across borders, AFS Capital offers reliable and strategic trade service offerings.