Who we serve

AFS supports a broad range of clients that operate in the infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, hospitality and commercial real estate sectors in Africa. AFS financial advisory and capacity building services are available to:

  • Corporates and Financial Institutions;

  • Governments and Public Sector Entities; 

  • Cooperatives and  Associations; and

  • SME's.

Areas of Focus

AFS Capital is a multifaceted financial advisory and capacity-building firm committed to spearheading sustainable economic development across the African continent. Specializing in diverse sectors of the economy, AFS Capital’s approach involves fostering sustainability, innovation, and climate resilience, contributing significantly to inclusive growth. 

With a focus on impactful partnerships, AFS plays a pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape, driving positive change, and promoting prosperity. AFS's comprehensive services span from facilitating access to external finance to capacity building, reflecting a commitment to addressing the critical challenges hampering the continent’s economic transformation. 

Through its dynamic and client-centric approach, AFS stands as a key partner in Africa to bridge the gap of access to adequate sources of finance and capacity-building services to foster a more robust and climate-resilient economy.